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The delivered services

One of AGRECO’s major focal areas and fields of specialisation is biodiversity conservation and sustainable management of environment. This includes in particular environment integration in development co-operation with various projects implemented and dealing with sustainable development issues, environmental impact assessment, integrated coastal zone management, etc.

In these fields the company offers the following services :


    • assessment of biodiversity of specific habitats (inventories, surveys,...);
    • ecosystem analysis;
    • socio-economic surveys;
    • études d’impact environnemental et social;
    • environmental and social Impact Assessment;
    • Strategic Environmental Assessment;
    • development and management of environmental monitoring systems;
    • biodiversity database development and management;
    • adaptation of GIS systems to management needs in the field.


    • preparation of sector strategy (plastic waste management strategy) or
    • preparation of national environmental strategy
    • preparation of protected area management plans.


    • set-up and management of protected areas;
    • applied research into sustainable natural resources use (sustainable forest management, non-traditional forest products development, sustainable hunting management,...);
    • ecotourism development;
    • community wildlife management;
    • land-use management;
    • integrated coastal zone management.


    • environmental legislation review;
    • institutional support to protected area planning and management structures;
    • biodiversity conservation policy advice;
    • training (biodiversity assessment, surveillance, planning, environmental monitoring, database management,...);
    • awareness building and information dissemination;
    • building partnerships and establishing networks between protected areas, research and training institutes, environmental NGOs.

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